Our Aim

Leveraging blockchain technology to empower people to invest with economic, environmental, and social benefits.


According to the United Nations (UN), by 2050 around 68% of humanity will live in cities, representing only 3% of the planet's surface that consume 78% of energy and produce 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, green buildings represent a major global investment opportunity, with buildings making up the largest part of the energy efficiency market.

Real estate is evolving due to the need for sustainability, and thoughtfully implemented green rules in this field are increasing the appeal of green-certified real estate to young customers, particularly Millennials and Generation Z. The emphasis is moving away from finding residences in prime locations with vast views from the top floors and toward choosing homes that have net-zero carbon emissions, support health and wellbeing, and endure climate change over the course of their lifetimes.

The green buildings market is projected to grow at a 17.48% CAGR between 2022 and 2030. However, it is still complex for investors to profit from this issue. Many people willing to invest are still discouraged from making this kind of investment due to limited possibilities and expensive upfront expenditures.

The demand for green real estate is expected to increase driven not only by the rising inflation rate but especially by the urgent need to pursue sustainable goals. Real estate remains subject to lower fluctuations in value than the stock market and is proven to be more inflation-proof than many other assets. On top of that, green real estate helps the industry become more eco-friendly and makes it more profitable since the costs to maintain the buildings are considerably lower due to the efficient use of resources such as water and energy while the sales and rent prices are higher than the market average for real estate.

We believe that a forward-thinking real estate investment requires innovative technologies and commitment to the environment, people, and planet. This is the reason why Qlindo is set to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) from the very beginning, allowing the community — represented by token holders — to participate in all necessary and important decisions.


Disclaimer: Qlindo does not distribute dividends or any other share of profits distributed to Qlindo token holders. Qlindo token holders invest in the appreciation of the value of the Qlindo token due to a rich collection of well-selected objects by Qlindo's experts and can speculate as the token price fluctuates due to trades on the centralized and decentralized public markets. In addition, token owners can receive, with the growth of the Qlindo ecosystem, products, special receive special services, discounts, and certain privileges. In order to give you an optimal insight into the risks and possibilities of an investment in this extraordinarily exciting form of capital business, we have compiled detailed documentation. Please inform yourself about it under this link.

Qlindo believes that a forward-thinking real estate investment requires innovative technologies and commitment to the environment, people, and the planet. Our token offering, Qlindo, bridges the gap between blockchain and green real estate investment opportunities, paving the way to a sustainable future.



Our real estate team has an in-depth understanding of the market. From project development and construction to sales and management. To increase transaction turnover, we cooperate with leading real estate developers worldwide. Years of experience in the valuation, development, and trading of real estate allow us to address the most lucrative business potentials and to increase the value of our portfolio with growing consistency. This is necessary to additionally secure the value growth of our first tokenized and certified green real estate Crypto Investment worldwide and to generate sustainable economic returns.

Regular independent valuations and green certification of the acquired properties, as well as a careful examination of the issuers for economic, legal, tax, and financial circumstances are made transparent and reported regularly. Dive with us into the future of green real estate investment.