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Qlindo x TechWoodHomes

    Mon, Aug 15, 2022 10:43 AM


What will the home of the future look like? How will we want to live? These questions are central when we think about life in the future. One thing is clear to us: the home of the future should be equipped with the latest technology. But only in such a way that makes life easier and reduces work both indoors and out. This will be possible because the technology will be as easy to understand as it is to use. In the further development of the app, we are continuously integrating new features that make life in and around the TECHWOODHOME even easier with free, easy updates.

But smart technology is only half the battle: sustainability and a relaxed lifestyle will also be important requirements for our future. The innovative home office integrated into the living space and the extraordinary room height of 5.43 m in the living and dining areas are our answers.


What makes the TECHWOODHOME the home of the future?

The decades of experience of the architects,


builders, tech experts and software developers


combined to turn visions into reality.


Our Houses

From the TECHWOODHOME for couples or singles to larger families, we have the suiting model for every life situation and every requirement. The basic principle of home as a space where you're free is always the same: the living room as the generous heart of the house. No matter the size of the house. The location and dimensions of the other rooms, such as the bedrooms and children's rooms, were also designed in light of their actual use, taking into account shifting occupancy and uses over several decades.





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