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Real. Tangible. Trustworthy. 

Qlindo is disrupting a traditional industry for you! 


It is estimated that of the $200 trillion worth of real estate, only about 4% is tradable through stocks, funds, or bonds. The absolute majority is privately owned, making most real estate investment opportunities virtually inaccessible.

“Let's think outside the box together and solve complicated stuff in new, unique, and reliable ways. Qlindo puts down entry barriers and embraces the freedom to think differently because that is how true innovation ignites.”

Qlindo would like to address this problem in economic terms. The goal is to bring an outstanding portfolio of high-quality real estate worldwide to the crypto space by using blockchain. Through tokenization, Qlindo aims to make a higher percentage of high-end real estate available to investors. 

We use blockchain technology to empower new and traditional real estate investors. We use our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to allow everyone to benefit from a high-end real estate portfolio through a single token offering; QLINDO. Crypto real estate is a new way to invest in real estate without the fees and risks associated with traditional investments. 

Our real estate team has an in-depth understanding of the market, from project development and construction to sales and management. To increase transaction turnover, we cooperate with leading real estate developers worldwide. Years of experience in the valuation, development, and trading of real estate allow us to address the most lucrative business potentials and increase the value of our portfolio with growing consistency. This is necessary to secure the value growth of our first tokenized and certified real estate Crypto Investment worldwide and to generate sustainable returns. 

Qlindo Foundation is an Austrian private foundation endowed with the purpose of promoting Qlindo and carrying out real estate projects. Our expertise coupled with the power of blockchain and the Qlindo Foundation should ultimately lead to an increase in the value of the token. 

Qlindo is set to become a DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, which is collectively managed by its members through the Qlindo governance token and is independent of central authorities or individual institutions.

The holding of Qlindo tokens includes the right to participate in voting strategies and developments in the governance of the Qlindo ecosystem. Qlindo token holders do not receive any rights to real estate and do not get access of any kind to the properties. The economic success of real estate in the Qlindo ecosystem must, however, be used by the Qlindo Foundation according to the rules of the community within the DAO in order to promote Qlindo.