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The Real Estate & Energy Investment Capital

The future of investing. Qlindo bridges the gap between blockchain and green real estate investment opportunities, paving the way to a sustainable future.

Green Real Estate Investment on the Blockchain

Our Ethereum-based token, symbol QLINDO, is an innovative and smart way to invest in green real estate projects. Invest in the most stable and real-life assets and stay fully digital and flexible while caring for the planet.

Qlindo is the first investment platform for buying and selling shares representing an investment in iconic Green Real Estate and Green Power Projects


Market Price
(By Market Demand)


Market Price
(Increase of asset Value)


Staking up to 4%


Free Energy Audit and Optimisation for your property.


VIP Real Estate and
Exclusive Events


$QLINDO as currency for
our exclusive projects

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$QLINDO first CEX listing on BitMart

Qlindo is taking the next step of its listing journey to enter the Centralized Exchange (CEX) market with BitMart, a leading crypto exchange with millions of users globally.

The life of the future

What will the home of the future look like? How will we want to live? These questions are central when we think about life in the future. One thing is clear to us: the home of the future should be equipped with the latest technology. But only in such a way that makes life easier and reduces work both indoors and out. This will be possible because the technology will be as easy to understand as it is to use. In the further development of the app, we are continuously integrating new features that make life in and around the TECHWOODHOME even easier with free, easy updates.



Qlindo only fosters certified green real estates to guarantee you invest with economic, environmental, and social benefits.


By giving buyers and sellers a secure and transparent way to do business, blockchain is making it easier for everyone to get the information they need to make informed decisions.


Invest in tangible assets while staying fully digital and able to manage and trade your tokens at any time from anywhere via the Internet.


Qlindo is set to act as a DAO, which will enable active investors' participation in major decisions about the future of the ecosystem.

Let’s build the future together

Qlindo believes that a forward-thinking real estate investment requires innovative technologies and commitment to the environment, people, and planet. This is the reason why Qlindo is set to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), enabling community participation in decisions that make a difference.


The Green Future of Real Estate Investing

While real estate has always been a traditional investment opportunity, green real estate is the future. Green buildings represent a major global investment opportunity, with buildings making up the largest part of the energy efficiency market. Qlindo is leveraging blockchain technology to empower people to invest with economic, environmental, and social benefits.